Morris Kepes Winters Tax Lawyers: ds+p Toronto

Back in April this year, I had a great time shooting this ad with Danny Bang, Kelly Uman, and the team from doug serge + partners. The campaign was shot for a new client, tax law firm MKW, creatively expressing their expertise in both US and Canadian tax law. The ad has been receiving some media attention, being featured on MarketingMag.ca and Strategy Magazine (link coming soon). Check out the banner on the website below!

Special thanks to Will Fournier for assisting, and Andrew Bullis for styling!



Jessica Wolf Jewelry & Design

This week I had a great time shooting some product and lifestyle images for local jewelry 
designer /crafter and good friend Jessica Wolf. Her pieces are creative and inspired.
Please check out her new site - http://jessicawolf.squarespace.com - and place an 
order for a unique design that will support a local artist!
(Props to Jessica’s sister Janna for modelling)


Heritage Fish & Chips: Rethink Toronto

I had the privilege of shooting a creative piece for Rethink last summer, and they had this great concept of shooting the owner of Heritage Fish & Chips fishing in the fry vat. It was a lot of fun setting up reel fast (pun) and tearing down before opening. It finally got put up this month - my first ever bus shelter ad! You can see it at the intersection of Queen & Hansen in Brampton. That’s right folks - Limited Edition, only one of them! Here’s the shot below.
Special thanks to my buddy Derek O’Donnell for assisting on this.


Beau’s All Natural: Editorial Case Study

Hey everyone! I decided to shoot an editorial case study to promote myself in the editorial world, as most of my work doesn’t translate to that industry. All I had in mind was using Beau's 'All Natural Brewing' slogan, and pairing it with one of my strengths, which is working with natural lighting and playing up colour tonality. I grabbed a couple of bro’s (Thanks Tom & Jeremy!) and headed to another friend's barn (Vanderzaag’s, you’re the bomb) this morning for sunrise, to give a low sun end-of-day look to the images. The idea was shoot more candidly, and shoot more instinctually. They were shot and edited in 2.5 hours, and had no retouching except one label fix. Enjoy!